Economy Mode
Tightening your energy budget isn't hard if you don't have to think about it! Turn lights out when no one's in the room. Adjust temperature to occupancy, power down coffee machines after hours.
Comfort and Convenience
Personalize your environment at the touch of a button. Set the mood to relax or be productive Wake up to a dim lit room and have it get brighter as time passes. Warm your plugged in car on set temperatures.
Turn lights on before you get there shut security blinds,lock doors automatically. make the building look occupied when no one's there. Never have to give keys out to contractors or care takers
Fun and Imaginative
Set Birthday, anniversary or celebration scenes so you can be in them and not controlling them. Turn the sprinkler on when your daughter's boy friend arrives. Let the dog in when he/she steps on the mat.
Let's face it. The best part of automating is the rewards of Harnessing the cost savings with out having to really do anything!
Plus you can feel good about your contribution to help the environment!
Energy Management
By controlling temperature and lighting based on time of day or occupancy, AAC's products can reduce energy costs. AAC's automation control systems offer convenient control of energy management with Touch screens, the Internet, web-enabled phones, or the home telephone.
Security with Automation
Proven protection with AAC's UL Listed and compliant security and fire systems, with added automation built in is heightened security and conveniences! Lock doors to your schedule or turn lights on when motion is detected. Have the system turn on itself and the lights off or dimmed to a certain level. Automation features can do wonderous things with Intrusion, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water, and other wired or wireless sensors.
Enhance your life,
Add Value to your Property, Save costs & Energy! There is an automation system for every lifestyle. Simply choose the automation features you want based upon your individual needs and goals and call AAC! AAC'S home automation features may be installed in new construction or retro-fitted into existing business and homes.
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