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Protection of all threats
Common threats like fire, and burglary are the basics. Intrusion, poisonous gases, temperature, and electric power can be as important or more for life safety. All these can be monitored with a security system and AAC monitoring center.
Partitions Areas and Zones
New generation systems can be split up into multiple systems, different areas and zones. The main floor and basement can use one system, and act like two. A cabinet can be armed all the time and have its own code to disarm it.
Simple to use or Sophisticated
Don't need fancy options? Not a problem.
Use a key, push a button or swipe a card to operate. You can also put it on a schedule! Sophisticated codes, combo cards and codes, timed access or exits. Even remote authentication!

Protection starts with prevention.
Alaska Automation Centers Alarm Systems do just that. With Just our Sticker on a door or window of a monitored alarm system greatly minimizes the risk of burglary and intrusion. Add smoke detectors, CO sensors, flood, temperature and electrical power detection and you're preventing life safety threats - not to mention building and property disasters! If this weren't so, insurance companies wouldn't give discounts. Plan with Alaska Automation Center Monitoring Center on how to respond to events reported by your alarm system. Include contact information and any special instructions. Alaska Automation Center's Monitoring Center can respond differently to each event reported. It's just that simple. Response and notification! The key to peace of mind. When an event happens time is of the essence and Alaska Automation Center Monitoring provides that and more. Authorities dispatched, notifications sent out on events followed through to resolution.

Partitions and Areas
This is the process of splitting your alarm system in two or more partitions, arming and disarming each area separately while using only one system, and paying only a fraction more monitoring fee. Many small businesses use a system with this option. For example, if a machine shop has an office area that is open during business hours, and a shop that is open 24 hours because of the midnight shift, they can protect the office area while allowing the employees to move freely in the shop area. Sometimes this option can be used in a residential setting, as well. For example, a homeowner who rents a portion of his/her home to tenants can arm his/her portion of the house separately from the tenant's portion. Or, a homeowner has a garage or work area that is not attached to his house, but wants to arm that area separately while he is at home. Each partition can have its own keypad, or one keypad can be used to access each partition. The monitoring company will know which partition is sending the alarm, and will send the authorities to the appropriate area of the house/business.

This is simply a way of separating the devices (motion sensor, door sensor, etc.) that are attached to your alarm system. If your front door is attached to zone 1 for example, every time that door is opened the zone 1 light or text on the keypad will light up. In addition, if your alarm is set off by zone 1, the monitoring station will know it was the front door that caused the alarm. Zones can be set as 24 hour zones, and will always cause an alarm. These zones are usually used for panic buttons or areas where authentication with the monitoring center must be made before entering.
Cross zoning is another type of zone that allows a device like a window to be opened and will only cause an alarm if a another sensor is tripped also. Zones can also combine devices on one zone (e.g. a door and motion sensor in the same room) if they run out of zones to attach devices to.