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Okay, time to make the system start paying for it's self

When you get a security system from the big name companies like ADT, Vivint and others, your automation and remote connection is channeled through their third party provider and thats why you pay high monthly rates.

Alaska Automation Centers system has no third party and the automation and remote connection is at your location. This lowers your monthly cost dramaticaly and you don't loss these services if you discontinue their contract.
The big companies want to ding you twice, by leasing costs and again by their third party services like automation and monitoring.

Now let's use the automation features to help save energy costs. When you add this option to the Security system you are basically getting two for one advantages. This signifcantly adds to your security systems potential and gives you one of the most stable back bones of the automation industries. This is important to think about, because if you get some brands of controlers from the big box stores you may fear automation forever.


  • Automatically turn lights off in un-occupied rooms
  • Use lighting scenes and dimmed settings to provide the proper light while reducing energy consumption
  • Built-in astronomical clock provides intelligent lighting control based on sunrise/sunset

Climate Control

  • Adjust thermostats based on time of day, occupancy and/or ambient conditions
  • Automatically control shades/blinds to help heating/cooling system run more efficiently
  • Control air ducts to reduce airflow to rooms that are normally vacant

Cost Saving Solutions

Without Sacrificing Comfort
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