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Looking and Seeing are the keywords in the video world!

We Look and See on the social media sites so often, all these posts with video that just don't give any useful information.
Sure you see something but it's the "WHAT" that will matter the most. When you get a system that gives you ten or twenty cameras for some low end price, the "WHAT" most likley isn't included.

The calls we get are generally after the fact and almost always we hear, "the officer didn't even take a copy of the video".
In most cases the video would be better served to your insurance company than the Police. Police need the "WHAT" part to do their job. Details (color, Make, Model, Markings, Characteristics of items).

If you're going to use cameras that don't provide the "WHAT", then you need to have them notify you when you need them to so you can respond right away. This can become a bothersome task to most people because low end cameras false alarm too much. At times the environment the camera is in may get hectic and inundate you with texts or emails. High end cameras have the same issue, just not to the same extent.

This is where Alaska Automation Center comes into play. Alaska Automation Center can assist you with your low end cameras in some cases and completely manage them in others.
Alaska Automation Center uses cameras in much the same way security alarms work. When the camera triggers, we look and see what's going on. If you're a Monitored alarm customer, the average cost monthly is about $24.00 dollars, $11.95 for the alarm monitoring and another $11.95 for the cameras monitoring.
Cameras we install are checked daily and sometimes more, to be sure they are working. Sometimes they are viewed when security issues are suspected in the geographical area of your location and sometimes as random patrols.