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Alarm System, Automation System, Video System, and Monitoring
3060 N. Lazy Eight CT. Wasilla, AK. 99654 Locally Owned Electronic Security & Automation Company

At Alaska Automation Center
Security and Automation are thought of in a different way than average brand names.

We expect our systems to prevent intrusions, using a pro-active prospective of the premise and users being protected. Don't take this wrong, but if you're happy with $99 dollar systems that alert you after the fact then you should stick with those brand names! We're not saying that they don't help some.
In some instances brand name systems can be modified to do much better with a little help.

Alaska Automation Center doesn't carry $99.00 Systems. Our systems range from $900.00 for very small systems, $2600.00 for average sized and on up from there. We monitor most systems for a monthly fee of $11.95. We prefer to monitor systems that include cameras and allow us unrestricted access.

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